“Have fabric, will sew.”

That is my motto.


I am a very creative person who loves working with color, texture,

pattern, and paint, whether on fabric, paper, wood or glass.


I have over 35 years experience as a tailor/dressmaker

and have made everything from children’s clothing to wedding dresses.


Recently, the need to have a backpack that was pretty, well-constructed,

and customized for my needs, led me to make one for myself

after the cheap one I bought ripped in two places the first day I had it.


All bags are my own designs, and all are created from upholstery and drapery fabrics ​for strength, longevity, beauty, diversity, and are uniquely one-of-a-kind.


Categories include: backpacks, rucksacks, haversacks, camera bags, beach bags, totes, laptop/tablet bags, diaper bags, messenger bags, cross body bags, réticules, hats, scarves, cravats, and select clothing.


My crafting goal is to create items with both form and function.


My style is influenced by vintage ephemera from French Country designs

and the Victorian era. In my digital art and design, I use mostly my own

photography with added ephemera from the public domain.


Altered books are made from the covers of actual books

 and purchased scrapbook paper. Each one is themed according

to the papers chosen for the project.


Writing journals are made from papers with my own photography

and/or digital designs, and ephemera from the public domain.

I also share free (public domain) files I find

in various museums and libraries across the world.


Under this brand is all my arts and crafts:  fine art made from my photography,

digital  scrapbook paper, writing journals, altered books, 

handmade paper, and pendant jewelry.






Under this brand is my handmade soap & sachets.


(This is a new venture, so more will be added here as I hone my craft.)



One of the most relaxing ways for me to spend an evening is walking through

a flower garden with a macro lens on my camera.

There is a whole other world inside the blooms

of my favorite flowers: roses, dahlias, daylilies, and irises.

​But, I do not limit myself to these.

Every bloom has a beauty just waiting to be photographed.  


Another subject I am drawn to is abandoned buildings and vehicles.

There is a certain beauty in the forgotten and the rusted.


I am a Notable Collector,  all star 2017,

and Top 25: Editor's Choice Community Member | 2018 on Unsplash,

where I also contribute some of my photos for use in the public domain

under the Unsplash license.


I am also a Local Guide on Google Maps,

so I have a few photos of local eateries, landmarks and such.